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Leon trotsky

Since psychoanalysis did 16 Ibid, Cornell University Press,Introduction, 3. It was a unique area of knowledge on how to transform human nature during the childhood. The people who founded pedology and who continued their researches in it after were professional psychologists usually well-trained in psychoanalysis.

During several years of my living in Vienna, I got in touch quite closely with the freudists, read their works and even participated in their meetings.

I have always been 18 Pedology was a scholarly area closely related to modern educational psychology, however, was not the same as pedagogy. Pedology was widely developed by psychologists in the Late Imperial and Early Soviet Russia study of children, their development and behavior. Pedologists mostly concentrated on the children with special needs.

He was less interested in the facts and the real meaning of psychoanalysis for examining the nature of mentality.

Leon Trotsky

Trotsky revealed the same kind of skepticism, as in the letter to Pavlov a year later, in he wrote about Freud in his book Literature and Revolution: Меня всегда поражало в их подходе к проблемам психологии сочетание физиологическго реализма с почти беллетристическим анализом душевных явлений.

Trotsky referred to him in a passage about Freud, Rozanov tried to reconcile an idea of sexuality with Christian philosophy. Rozanov is most famous for his two- volume work Fallen Leaves. In such comparison, more than in the earlier letter to Pavlov, we can see that Trotsky became more knowledgeable or at least he was more willing to demonstrate his knowledge in psychoanalytical theory and even more confident in its importance and application to Soviet psychology: In this way it is materialistic, if we put aside the question whether it gives too much room to the sexual factor at the expenses of others Prideaux Press,6.

В этом общем смысле она материалистичная - если оставить в стороне вопрос о том, не отводит ли она слишком много места половому моменту за счет других But Pavlov, like a diver, descends to the bottom and laboriously explores the well from there upwards. But we do not in any way obliged to adopt Freudism sic!

И Павлов и Фрейд считают, что дном "души" является физиология. Но Павлов, как водолаз, спускается на дно и кропотливо исследует колодезь снизу вверх. А Фрейд стоит над колодцем и проницательным взглядом старается сквозь толщу вечно колеблющейся замутненной воды разглядеть или разгадать очертания дна. Метод Павлова - эксперимент. Метод Фрейда - догадка, иногда фантастическая.

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Попытка объявить психоанализ "несовместимым" с марксизмом и попросту повернуться к фрейдизму спиной слишком проста или, вернее, простовата. Но мы ни в каком случае не обязаны и усыновлять фрейдизм His position obviously spoke of Trotsky as being dedicated Marxist and communist, however it can be seen in his other works that he tried not to become too extreme in his politicized attitude toward science. For example, in his book Literature and Revolution Trotsky tried to defend the freedom of culture and literature and to clean those areas from becoming too much interconnected with the ideology.

Moreover, Ioffe was one of the leaders of Russian revolution: Without naming them, Trotsky put Pavlov, the founder of physiology, and Freud, the founder of modern psychology i.

Moreover he spoke about them in a manner that the reader can almost feel how Trotsky was carried away by them, almost emotionally delighted by their benefits for the human being: It turned out that our conscious thought is 31 This quote was translated from Russian. Chalidze, Learned divers descend to the bottom of the ocean and there take photographs of mysterious fishes. Human thought, descending to the bottom of its own psychic well, must led light on the most mysterious driving forces of the soul and subject them to reason and to will.

Оказалось, что наша сознательная мысль составляет только частицу в работе темных психических сил. Ученые-водолазы спускаются на дно океана и фотографируют таинственных рыб. Мысль человека, спустившись на дно его собственного душевного колодца, должна осветить наиболее таинственные движущие силы психики и подчинить их разуму и воле.

She married Vladimir Lenin in Later she was a supporter for the pedology and other educational programs in the USSR. Radek was expelled from the Communist Party in and arrested. Was one of the accused during the Second Moscow trial in and later was killed in the labor camp. Trotsky continues: In his notes from Trotsky repeated the ideas on how psychoanalysis does not contradict Marxism.

Where should we do with unconscious then? Simply debating on whether psychoanalysis is materialistic or not, Trotsky that would explain human being and give the opportunity for an unlimited power for Trotsky over it [human being]. Etkind, Eros of the Impossible, За работой он букмекерская контора без бонусов на хирурга, почти на мясника с засученными рукавами Фрейда меньше всего заботят престиж пациента, соображения хорошего тона, всякая вообще фальшь и мишура.

Writings on Lenin, Dialectics, and Evolutionism. New York: Columbia University Press, Куда девать при этом бессознательное? Even in his later works, while living far away from his home country and from Europe, Trotsky mentions Freud casually, but doing so he referred to the psychoanalyst with a great respect, demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of his works.

For example, Trotsky wrote to the editor of Life magazine Hate is in a way a form of personal relationship. Yet I and Stalin were divided by such fiery events, that they burned down to ashes everything personal. Trotsky and Freud: Ненавиcть есть все же форма личной связи.

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The reason for such difficulty is that researching intellectual history lies in the fact that the intellectual influences on any one individual are numerous and complex. Some of his ideas about freedom in the educational system or freedom of speaking about sex could have been developed under the influence of his passion for psychoanalysis and physiology.

There Marx compared religion with opium that soothes pain зенит букмекерская приложение of curing its cause. Trotsky argued that the reason for a close devotion to the Orthodox Church can be explained by lack of culture and education among workers and peasants: Другие разрешения: Этот файл находится на Викискладе.

Сведения о нём показаны ниже. Викисклад — централизованное хранилище для свободных файлов, используемых в проектах Викимедиа.

Сообщить об ошибке с файлом. Краткое описание Описание Leon Trotsky, s. Headshot of Russian Revolutionary political leader and author Leon Trotsky -s. Это произведение находится в общественном достоянии в США, поскольку оно отвечает трём требованиям: Следующие 4 страницы используют данный файл: Данный файл используется в следующих вики: Следующая 1 страница использует данный файл: Первый московский процесс.

Данный файл используется в следующих вики: Ширина пикс. Высота пикс. Источник — https: Public domain Public domain false false. This image is annotated:

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