Geographical distribution[ edit ] Dari, which is sometimes called Farsi Persian , is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan the other being Pashto. In practice though, it serves as the de facto lingua franca among the various ethno-linguistic groups. Dari is spoken natively by about twenty-five percent to about eighty percent population of Afghanistan as a primary language. Moreover, many Pashtuns living in Tajik and Hazara concentrated areas also use Dari as a first language. The World Factbook states that eighty percent of the Afghan population speaks the Dari language. Dari-speaking communities also exist in southwestern and eastern Pashtun-dominated areas such as in the cities of Ghazni , Farah , Zaranj , Lashkar Gah , Kandahar , and Gardez.

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Quebec stop sign Canadian French is an umbrella term for the distinct varieties of French spoken by francophone Canadians: Unlike Acadian French and Newfoundland French, the French of Ontario, the Canadian West, and New England all originate from what is now Quebec French and do not constitute distinct varieties from it, though there are some regional differences. French Canadians may also speak either Canadian English or American English , especially if they live in overwhelmingly English-speaking Canadian provinces or in the United States.

In Quebec, about six million French Canadians are native French speakers. In the United States, assimilation to the English language was more significant and very few Americans of French-Canadian ancestry or heritage speak French today. Six million of Canada’s native French speakers, of all origins, are found in the province of Quebec, where they constitute the majority language group, and another one million are distributed throughout the rest of Canada.

Not all French speakers are of French descent, and not all people of French-Canadian heritage are exclusively or primarily French-speaking. Francophones living in Canadian provinces other than Quebec have enjoyed minority language rights under Canadian law since at least , with the Official Languages Act , and under the Canadian Constitution since , protecting them from provincial governments that have historically been indifferent towards their presence. At the provincial level, New Brunswick formally designates French as a full official language , while other provinces vary in the level of French language services they offer.

All three of Canada’s territories include French as an official language of the territory alongside English and local indigenous languages, although in practice French-language services are normally available only in the capital cities and not across the entire territory. The kingdom of France forbade non-Catholic settlement in New France from onward and thus, almost all French settlers of Canada were Catholic.

Until the s, religion was a central component of French-Canadian national identity.


Rodney Alcala, known as “The Dating Game Killer” because he sought to use his appearance on the game show in his defense, was declared guilty of murdering year-old Robin Samsoe and four young women. Alcala previously had been convicted twice in the murder of the girl, but both times the verdict was overturned. Watch the full story Thursday on “Nightline” at He was charged with murdering the four women after new DNA evidence tied him to those crimes.

Play American Psycho Investigators suspect him of additional murders in California, New York City and possibly elsewhere, although he has not been charged.

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History of the Eiffel Tower French Newspapers in English While several websites offer French news in English, you may be looking for a ‘real’ newspaper or magazine-one that you can take with you to work in the morning or read in the park or while your child plays at the playground. While there aren’t as many print sources as online ones, print sources do still exist and are going strong. This newspaper is one of the most widely read English publications in France; it is published only once a month, so each edition is jam-packed with information and interesting stories.

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Jose Ignacio Cabezon, who argues that the use of “theology” is appropriate, can only do so, he says, because “I take theology not to be restricted to discourse on God The term Theology has been deemed by some as only appropriate to the study of religions that worship a supposed deity a theos , i. Much of the debate concerning theology’s place in the university or within a general higher education curriculum centres on whether theology’s methods are appropriately theoretical and broadly speaking scientific or, on the other hand, whether theology requires a pre-commitment of faith by its practitioners, and whether such a commitment conflicts with academic freedom.

In some contexts, theology has been held to belong in institutions of higher education primarily as a form of professional training for Christian ministry. Krishnology In Judaism, the historical absence of political authority has meant that most theological reflection has happened within the context of the Jewish community and synagogue, rather than within specialized academic institutions.

Nevertheless, Jewish theology historically has been very active and highly significant for Christian and Islamic theology. The sense the word has in English depends in large part on the sense the Latin and Greek equivalents had acquired in Patristic and medieval Christian usage, though the English term has now spread beyond Christian contexts. They suggest the term is less appropriate in religious contexts that are organized differently religions without a single deity, or that deny that such subjects can be studied logically.

For instance, Taxila was an early centre of Vedic learning, possible from the 6th century BC or earlier; Modern Western universities evolved from the monastic institutions and especially cathedral schools of Western Europe during the High Middle Ages see, for instance, the University of Bologna, Paris University and Oxford University. From the beginning, Christian theological learning was therefore a central component in these institutions, as was the study of Church or Canon law: The Sanskrit word for the various schools of Hindu philosophy is Darshana meaning “view” or “viewpoint”.

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She is probably most famously known for speaking at her father’s funeral in July at the mere age of 11 years old. She was born on April 3, , in Beverly Hills, California. Jackson was allegedly named after the French city she was conceived in and both her father and paternal grandmother. Jackson was raised solely by her father, who received full custody rights following his divorce in , although Rowe had stated it was her intention and agreed upon with Michael that he would raise and have custody of the children.

She grew up at Neverland Ranch with her siblings.

Popular cities London New York Paris Chicago Los Angeles Lisbon Hong Kong Nightlife Kids Comedy Dance LGBT Sex & Dating Books City are speaking English, they seem dubbed (or drugged).

Up to a dozen drivers have been showing off the notices bearing the St George’s Cross on the back windows of their cars in Southampton, Hampshire. The small red and white sticker declares the cab is being driven by an ‘English speaking driver. Taxi drivers have hit back, claiming the stickers are simply a protest to force the council to make sure new drivers can speak good English.

The stickers were placed in the cars after drivers received complaints about the standard of spoken English among them. There have also been complaints from passengers about drivers using sat navs and over-charging. Cllr Brian Parnell said the stickers were ‘offensive’ Perry McMillan, chairman of the Southampton cab section of trade union Unite, said the group’s ethnic minority members had been upset by the stickers. If they don’t, then what’s going on? Chief Executive Ged Grebby said: The sticker issue was raised at a meeting between cab firms and Southampton City Council.

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Even more so when we find that the corrupt filth who run this country had a hand in his death and were even protected by police scum at Scotland Yard. The Telegraph reports on the sickening case: Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that his son may have been abducted and taken to a now notorious guesthouse in

French Women Don’t Date: the French Dating System Explained By Camille Chevalier-Karfis February 8, August 25, It is so funny to see how some social behaviors are exactly the same between France and the US, and others are completely different.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A young woman has been found living rough in Rome who, a missing persons organisation says, could be missing Madeleine McCann. The teen, who is said to be English-speaking, has no ID or passport, and has been sleeping on the streets.

Refusing to accept cash from strangers, campaigners online say that she looks like several missing girls, and has been working to identify her for more than a week. The names which have been mentioned by the the Missing Persons of America organisation in her identification include Amanda Adlai who was abducted in Michigan in But according to police, the girl is not Maddie. The girl has been seen wearing the same clothes for some time Image: Missing Persons America Met Police have reportedly stated thaty she is not the British youngster, reports The Sun , after a group campaigning for details on the missing child contacted them.

We have passed on to Operation Grange. They do not believe this is Madeleine. Please keep sharing too. They add that she will answer to the name ‘Maria’ – but police say that’s one of many names she has told them. Missing Persons of America wrote on a website page dedicated to ‘Maria’: Madeline had a distinctive mark on her eye and police initially said this girl does not, but reportedly now say she does Image:

Trump, speaking at Armistice Day event outside Paris, honors fallen soldiers

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Acadia speaks a dialect of French. Haiti – Sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, Haiti declared its independence in although it wasn’t until later that other nations recognized them as such. The official languages are French and Haitian Creole. Europe Belgium – French is one of three official languages in Belgium. French is spoken predominantly in the southern half of Belgium.

While there are some differences in pronunciation and words, for the most part Belgian French is going to sound the same as a neutral French in France. France – Of course most francophones live in France. Luxembourg – This tiny European country that stands in the divide between Germany and France, is trilingual. Luxembourgish, German and French are all three official languages. Monaco – Monaco is a tiny country completely enclosed by France. While it is an independent constitutional monarchy, France is responsible for its defense.

The official language is solely French. Switzerland – Living up to its neutral reputation, Switzerland boasts four official languages including French, Italian, German and Romansh.

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L’Ile de la Cité is, in many ways, a condensed version of Paris: It offers magnificent architecture, eye-catching perspectives, atmospheric streets and bridges. Like the rest of the French capital, it is a combination of history and elegance, and in sections, tacky touristy eateries and shops.

While even a non-French could correctly make this assumption, most would only have a vague idea on the level of difference between the two. Most linguists agree that the difference between them is larger than that of British and US English, and is comparable to European vs. This will help us understand the differences better.

Some linguists believe that, during this time several French varieties became merged in the new colony of New France. The French that was brought to the colony was also isolated, during this time the noticeable differences between the French varieties began to appear. Standard European French developed with European influences, while Canadian French were infused with significant influences from the English language.

Macron heads to Nigeria to forge tighter ties with English-speaking Africa

Issued on Modified to Fifteen years after he was an intern at the French embassy, Macron returns to the Nigerian capital for a whistlestop meeting with Buhari before flying south to Lagos. The year-old former investment banker, who speaks fluent English, has made a point of boosting ties with France’s former colonies but also improving trade with anglophone countries.

He visited Ghana last year and Nigeria, Africa’s economic powerhouse and the continent’s leading oil producer, was the next logical step. Nigeria, a country home to over million people, produces nearly two million barrels of crude oil per day and is a key economic partner for France. In Abuja, security is likely to be high on the agenda, with Nigeria’s northeast hit for the last nine years by Boko Haram, whose Islamist insurgency has spread across the Lake Chad area.

Being a teacher is a thrilling adventure, especially when it is one of the most exciting cities in France like new friends, make lifelong connections and discover what makes the French so alluring. You will teach to kids, teens and adults with our teaching materials and your own ideas.

It offers magnificent architecture, eye-catching perspectives, atmospheric streets and bridges. Like the rest of the French capital, it is a combination of history and elegance, and in sections, tacky touristy eateries and shops. It is crowded and loud, yet, at certain times of day, and off season, one can stroll around the island and enjoy a slice of the authentic, romantic experience Paris is famous for around the world.

It is more than years old, and developed over the centuries as a military and government center. As such, it is packed with landmarks, several of which are Historic Monuments of France or Unesco World Heritage sites. Every day, visitors flock to these iconic landmarks and are willing to line up, sometimes for hours, to experience some of the magic. It honors the memory of those who died in Nazi concentration camps between and Even if it was inaugurated in the early s, many miss it, which is a shame, as it is effective and thought-provoking.

The market, built in the 19th century, is worth a detour year round including on winter days, as some sections are sheltered under recognizable glass and steel pavilions dating back to Instead, I go back up the stairs, cross la place du Pont Neuf and head to la place Dauphine. This is one of my favorite locations in Paris, and I dream of living there one day.

Merci, Bon Roi Henri, for this urban treasure! Today, Montand and Signoret are long gone, even if they are remembered fondly in France. La roulotte has been turned into an art gallery, la Galerie du Vert Galant.

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