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Technically, AIRAVE was a marvellous piece of engineering, the Guinness Award-winning blogger concluded at the time, with the ability to instantly bring the notoriously fickly CDMA network operated by the mobile telco up to gold class, five bar coverage nirvana with just a single flick of a switch. In a word, absolutely … the AIRAVE makes an unquestionable, unmistakable difference in call quality and reception in homes that currently have subpar or altogether poor Sprint service. To be honest, the calls were as clear as we had ever heard from a cellphone. It may be quicker than going into an in-depth analysis of the femtocell solution that Optus offered this week. Wikipedia, too, notes an ongoing level of discontent with the commercial model which telcos like Sprint and Optus have applied to femtocells. In addition, the consumer is often forced to pay twice for the same mobile coverage — once, through their normal mobile charges, then again for the data charges when their mobile traffic is routed through their home broadband connection, often provided by a separate company. What is surprising is that Optus saw fit to so blithely apply a commercial model to its femtocell offering in Australia that had attracted so much damnation overseas. It implies that either the telco is being greedy or that it is being incredibly naive — neither of which are attributes which you would like your friendly mobile telco to possess.


I am sorry but we are authorized to communicate via chat. Do not worry at all. We have other options for you as well. Do me a favor You:

Connect the other end of the cable into the yellow WAN port at the back of the AIRAVE. 4. Reconnect power to your cable or DSL modem and wait about two minutes for the modem to power up and initialize. 5. Plug the power supply connector into the back of the AIRAVE.

Make sure your nook is connected by the cable, and it will show up as a device follow the directions to initialize your device on it and then you just drag and drop the files to your device in the Digital Editions screen. At first I thought this was a total pain in the neck, but it’s actually cool because if you are ‘checking out’ these books from an online library or are borrowing them and you finish a book before the due date, or don’t like it, you can ‘return’ the book before it expires using the same program.

Was this answer helpful? Yes No Someone said: I have done all this, but my books still will not open on my NOOK becase they read as an. Any ideas on what to do? Was this comment helpful? Check out a program called calibre. It lets you take e-book files of all types and convert them to whatever other type you need i. My wife is doing this weekly on her Nook color, however, it’s through our local library, which has set up a spot to download the necessary app to convert the library book over to a nook-readable format.

Sometimes it’s a pain to do, but other times she can download a fresh book in minutes. The nook and nook color can read any epub files.

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Matt Yearian I think they said they are releasing some kind of value pack instead. Samsung has not officially said that the Epic 4G and other US phones will not be getting the update. BiGMERF one of the reasons why i will be importing from now on dylan Samsung did say that the orginal galaxy s phones would not be getting ics http: Got updated to version 2.

Sprint’s device, called the Airave, costs $ plus a $5 monthly fee on top of the regular monthly bill. Packingham told the Wall Street Journal that advertising would ramp up with next-generation femtocells since it will be easier to promote the additional data services that can run off of the device, rather than the coverage benefits.

Not that it’s a killer if they don’t, but just keeping my options open if I move to an area that has limited Sprint service. If they don’t, I’ll haul these with me. Google led me to this post, and I was disappointed not to see any responses. Sprint is fairly easy to deal with in getting one of these devices if you make it through their screening process anyway.

Seems all of us ‘dedicated’ Sprint people who need Airvana femtocell boxes and are in between Wimax and LTE and know we are should be asking this question. Guess that is a really narrow population based on no replies here. I’ve got QOS dialed in to minimize the impact on my broadband cable hookup. Thanks Sprint for leaving that option open to my configuration preferences, it is truly appreciated. So many questions, this is just one of them.

These devices help the Sprint network even more if users don’t lock them down by phone number Just found this link in a thread on the s4gru forum. Sprint counts , femtocells, plans to update Airave – FierceWireless Sort of answers the question.

Cancel Your Sprint Contract Without Penalty – Success Stories [January 2010]

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Magic Jack is great for the money It’s as cheap as it can get.

Guide AIRAVE Technical and Troubleshooting Guide AIRAVE Welcome! Sprint is committed to developing technologies addressing in-home coverage and ensuring you have a .

LG , a global technological force in mobile communications and Box, a leading cloud content management provider, today announced that LG would be the first handset maker to offer 50GB of free cloud storage via Box for Android on all LG Android mobile devices. LG users who sign up for an account with Box through their LG Android mobile devices between November 30, and March 31, will enjoy the benefits of free, secure cloud storage and sharing for the lifetime of the account.

As a leading player in the B2B enterprise sphere, LG has gained industry recognition for its manufacturing expertise and integration of mobility solutions into smartphones. Today, Box helps more than seven million individuals and , businesses, including 82 percent of the Fortune , share and manage all their content in the cloud and from mobile devices. Now, LG device owners will realize the full benefits of the Box platform, leveraging the Box app to: Manage an immense amount of content in the cloud with 50GB of free storage, the equivalent of approximately 50, docs, photos and presentations.

View, upload and share all types of content from anywhere. The promotion is available in the U.

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Opinions expressed here are author’s alone. Despite the name, this is nothing but an increase in your monthly plan cost, as it is not a consumer tax nor is it required by law. Because of this voluntary fee hike, you can now cancel your Sprint contract without an early termination fee ETF. You must do this within 30 days of notification check your billing statement. After some early pushback, it appears that most Sprint reps are now aware of this legitimate out.

Commenter Stephan also shared a handy script that has been used successfully by several readers:

Having previously begged Sprint for an early renewal, and being told that I would need to call to make it happen, I picked up the phone to discuss options with them. The original plan was to renew my contract, and give Melissa my old phone.

Have anyone tried the mini usb to HDMI thing? If the resolution was at least p it would be nice. It came with a JVC camcorder I bought years ago and never used. I had to use red for video instead of yellow. Is it worth buying? It does everything and more. It has a fast processor so if you are hooked up to wifi it is lightning fast.

Thousands of cool free apps. There is nothing I dislike about this phone.. And I am one of those people that has to have a new phone every few months. I will holding onto this one for a long time to come. But when you think about it! When companies like Steam, EA, ect..

Is Magic Jack really that bad?

The technician had me erase my iPad, so it would appear as if it was “new, out of the box” and I got the “Hello” screen. We didn’t do too much in terms of answering questions, but we did hook up to my WiFi and launch Messages. Because my iPad had been erased and we didn’t take the time to recover other information, when I initialized Messages there were no contacts in my list and all my previous texts were missing.

I sent a test text to a friend and he received it and I received his response on my iPad.

It must be the router. modem -> router -> switch -> devices. The modem serves up one IP address to the router. The router serves up multiple internal IP addresses to your devices. xxx.

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Feb 17, 20 Husband and I were with Sprint several years. I have the death certificate, Will filed, durable Power of Atty, etc etc. I was eventually told after checking with his Supervisor that this could ONLY be handled in person in a Sprint Store and to go to my nearest Sprint store for this. I could not email, fax or mail in the death certificate or any other papers they would need. So, I went to my nearest Sprint store and was told there I need to go to a Sprint Corporate Sprint Store 20 miles from here, which is again “the only place that handles this matter”.

The moment I hookup an Airave is the moment those cheap bastards will run through my ISPs data allowance. Let them suffer through congested B26 as they attempt to stream Netflix. I .

Alarmed buss bar helps to bust three thieves after brother implicates his brother December 17, – Manatee County Florida deputies say they nabbed three copper thieves in the act while they were responding to an alarm coming from a cell phone tower on Erie Road in Parrish around 11 p. A removed copper buss bar triggered the alarm, and when officers arrived, they saw copper grounding bars, two pairs of gloves, bolt cutters and a duffel bag next to the cell tower.

A black Jeep was pulling out of the Copperstone development, just across the street from the cell tower and it was stopped by sheriff’s officers. A K-9 unit dog located R. Eugene Walker hiding under a flatbed trailer that was about feet west of the tower. He was dressed in all black and wearing gloves. He said there were two others involved, they were driving a black Jeep, and their names were Ashley Rinehart and his brother Matthew Walker, both of Nokomis.

All three were arrested.

How Do You Hook Up A Sprint Airave

There are three main causes bad cell phone signal: The closer you are to a tower, the stronger the cell signal is going to be. Obstacles in the Way The second cause of poor or erratic cell signal is the presence of obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower, like a mountain, hill, or building. Signal is not usually able to penetrate through large obstacles, so it’s not able to reach you.

Brick, block, concrete, sheet metal and wire mesh construction materials are some well-known and obvious blockers of cell service, but things like energy efficient window coatings, tile or metal roofs, and water fixtures can also cause major signal issues. If you find that you have a usable cell signal outside of the building or vehicle, but it drops significantly once you step inside, then construction materials are the most likely culprit.

Your mobile device is your connection to the world and the gatekeeper to your personal data. Check out one of our comprehensive device protection solutions to secure, replace and repair your investment.

Your base station should already be activated at the time of purchase. If, after installation, you find that it is not activated, please call Sprint Customer. Service at Should you need to activate your base station, you will be asked to provide the following information: Effective March 31st , Sprint is decommissioning all Airave activations.

Any Airave’s that are already active will. Concluding updated February 19, Any Airave’s that are already quick will continue to work, but that will be the last day owing new Airave activation’s, including BYOD devices.

Cancel Your Sprint Contract Without Penalty – Success Stories [January 2010]

Check your router and ensure that WiFi is actually turned on. Many modern routers have a switch or button that allows you to enable and disable the WiFi connection. Check to see if their is any red light on the router. Ensure that you are typing in the correct password and you may just find that it is the solution you are looking for. Check your distance from the router In order to successfully establish a connection and utilize it, you must be within range of the router.

The required range for a WiFi connection varies across different routers, however the standard range is between to feet based on whether you are indoors or outdoors.

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Was this review helpful to you? No online cancel service is permitted and phone menu system is terrible. Would pay more for better CS with other Co. My zip code is actually , but this site claim that is not valid! Chandler Heights, Chandler, AZ October 17, one bar at best in the area, recently moved down from Scottdale and it was the same problem there. Sometimes I get two bars, usually one. And it drops to 3G on occasion Was this review helpful to you?

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