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The Cycle of Health Begins at the Top

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Interesting article from list: For those familiar with human biodiversity HBD and sociobiology, this should come as no surprise. In evolutionary terms, one could argue that mixed-race marriages are maladaptive in that they reduce a person’s overall genetic fitness – i. In a multiracial marriage or relationship, one is showing altruism toward a partner who shares fewer genes than a co-ethnic would share.

A parent will also share fewer genes with a multiracial child than with a same-race child. It’s natural for someone to prefer a partner of the same race, as this increases a person’s Darwinian fitness. Philippe Rushton has noted: Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that the ultimate reason for behavior, like morphology, is to enhance inclusive fitness.

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Getting you on your way to ‘Full-Options’ dating! Most black women get up, get an education, get a job and then they think, ‘Now I must do my bit for the black community. Think about that for a second. You are the black community you are looking outside to save. You’ve heard the saying, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’. Let me show you how this one works.

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Because that would be insane. A saner idea, I thought, would be to live tweet my post-breakup emotional process. I reasoned that I could bring awareness to mental health by using the hashtag datingwhilebipolar and encouraging people to engage with me. It sounded like a good idea, if only to myself and possibly some other people with chronic depression. There’s a fair amount of research on using Twitter and other social media platforms as a tool for creating mental health communities and sharing positive information.

Plus, the preponderance of positive mental health campaigns and hashtags on Twitter made me confident that I could contribute to the conversation in a significant way by tweeting about my breakup. Conventional wisdom, however, is that you should stay away from social media after a breakup.

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Mental illness how do they get that? Hereditary – Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generati…on. It can skip generations and doesn’t always show as the same mental illness it can be any of the diagnosis Dx 2. Environmental- Child abuse, rape, trauma etc can cause the brain to “tilt” and a person can become Obsessive Compulsive OCD Schizophrenic, etc.

If a pregnant mother is exposed to dangerous chemicals the effect on the baby can be permanent mental illness as well as physical disabilities.

Nov 08,  · Interracial Dating. Lifestyle Mr. Uncle Chris October 24, dating, gay, interracial, nigger, nigga 4 Comments. Depression, Mental Illness, Suicide, Anxiety 2 Comments. Politics Mr. Uncle Chris September 30, Botham Jean, Dallas .

Printer-Friendly Version Health and wellness issues among Asian Americans do not seem to get as much attention as other issues. However, in many ways, these issues can be the most important in everyday life. Although health statistics are becoming more comprehensive for the Asian American population, in many cases they still categorize Asians in the virtually useless throw-in category of “Other” or they undercount Asians in the surveys. This can lead to the underreporting of the true incidences of important illnesses and conditions and therefore, distorted portrayals of health and wellness among Asian Americans.

The Cycle of Health Begins at the Top Perhaps the most important aspect of an Asian American’s health and wellness is the one that gets the least attention — mental health. Many Asian Americans have to deal with several stressful issues at once. For example, recent immigrants have to adapt to a new country, learn a new language, look for a well-paying and secure job, provide shelter for their family, and may also miss their lives, family, and friends in their country of origin.

Further, young Asian Americans have to deal with finding own ethnic identity and how they fit into both their specific ethnic community, the larger Asian American population, and non-Asian society in general. Also, All Asian Americans frequently have to deal with the sad and often painful realities of what it means to be an Asian American and a person of color in American society and the prejudice, discrimination, and racism that sometimes go along with it.

As many sociologists and psychologists have pointed out, dealing with so many stressful events in your life can take a toll on a person’s mental well-being.


By Simone Hoermann, Ph. She specializes in providing psychotherapy for Personality Disorders, Anxiety, and Depression Read More I wrote last week about the proposal for a revision of the psychiatric diagnostic manual DSM published by the American Psychiatric Association for public commentary on February The proposal for DSM 5 includes some significant changes regarding the definition and conceptualization of personality disorders.

The current version of the manual, DSM IV , requires mental health professionals to establish a psychiatric diagnosis on 5 separate axes.

shown that interracial marriages have higher rates of divorce, with black, white, Hispanic, healthy or unhealthy dating looks like and how it is enacted. They also help to explain patterns of thinking, mental illness, communication skills, parents’/friends’ approval.

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Statistics Don’t Lie . . . Do They?

This show provides examples of: In “Heathridge Manor,” a woman’s body is found in an abandoned asylum. Show up often, and aren’t limited only to UnSubs.

While the topic of mental health has gained traction over the years, having a mental illness remains one of the more difficult facets of a person’s being. This is why it’s so refreshing to.

Navigation Menu Cultural Group Guides The following guides emphasize information that can be used to stimulate thinking about cultural differences and prompt questions that will help providers understand how their patients identify with and express their cultural backgrounds. These are not fact lists to apply indiscriminately.

African American The following cultural patterns may represent many African Americans, but do not represent all people in a community. Each person is an individual, as well as a community member. The term African American generally refers to people descended from Africans who did not come to the US voluntarily—descendants of the four million slaves brought to the US between and The family may be matriarchal, although father or mother may take on the decision-making role.

For African Americans, women more than men tend to remain unmarried, and more women have been educated at the college level. In general, the older generation is more conservative, may have a more traditional view of gender roles, and may shun interracial dating and marriage. Elders are respected and often provide care for their grandchildren. Institutionalization of elders has historically been avoided, with sons and daughters taking on the family caretaker role.

Diet Many African Americans like hearty meals that may include meat, fish, greens, rice, grits, white and sweet potatoes, corn, turnips, eggplant, peanuts, and homemade desserts. Leafy greens may include spinach, collards, mustard, kale, and cabbage.

A Movement Against Racism Should Be a Movement for Mental Health

March 12, 2 Minutes Interracial marriage to the best of my knowledge is a marriage between two people from different races. Example, an African man marrying a white woman. Interracial marriages have become more common in recent years as people have become more open minded or at least have become confident enough to stand by what they believe.

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May 16, The following cultural patterns may represent many African Americans, but do not represent all people in a community. Families that have immigrated recently from Africa have very different cultures compared to families that have been in the US for many generations. Get to know your patient and their families on an individual level.

Not all patients from diverse populations conform to commonly known culture-specific behaviors, beliefs, and actions. Participation in cultural practices is a more useful indicator of health beliefs and behaviors than assumptions made about group affiliation. When applying this definition, it should become obvious that skin color is not the best indicator; people of African descent can have very light complexions.

Many are of combined heritages. It is particularly important not to generalize about the African American experience when meeting with patients and families. Seeing the individual in each encounter is, as always, most important. For African Americans, women more than men tend to remain unmarried, and more women have been educated at the college level.

Respect for Elders In general, the older generation is more conservative, may have a more traditional view of gender roles, and may shun interracial dating and marriage. Elders are respected and often provide care for their grandchildren. Institutionalization of elders has historically been avoided, with sons and daughters taking on the family caretaker role. For most African Americans and others residing in low-income neighborhoods, the abundance of fast food chains fast food companies have specifically targeted African American communities as a growing market for their products , high-priced food marts, and a lack of access to healthy affordable foods contributes to the prevalence of obesity and chronic illness.