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Share this article Share The figures were significantly lower than previously declared, as dozens of prisoners – almost all from the Ukrainian territory – have refused to move to the other side. Two Ukrainians – a man and a woman – also opted to stay on the rebel side. The prisoners massed at the exchange point with their belongings, shivering in zero temperatures, before boarding buses after their names had been called out. Some of the detainees expressed relief after spending long months, and even years, in captivity. Hundreds of people turned out at Kiev airport late Wednesday to welcome home the released prisoners, waving national flags, bouquets of flowers and shouting ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes! You see, Daddy came back,’ one soldier said over the phone to a child as his weeping wife hugged him tightly, after 21 months held captive by separatists.

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Ukraine Public Holidays By kelvan On 18 June In Europe, Ukraine Whether you are a local searching for a short break or an international traveler, Public Holiday Info Portal is here to help you start planning your vacation.

From Poland[ edit ] The nearest significant town on the Polish side is Przemysl , and it’s easy to find by following route 4 which passes through Przemysl , also known as the E40 in European terms. As of , the road is a motorway all the way to the border. Don’t stop behind the goods vehicles, slip up the side of them and then feed into the customs area when the guy flags you forward for courteous Europeans, you’re not jumping the queue – commercial traffic goes through a different process.

If you’re in an EU registered car then make for the EU-passports, passport control section. Thence to Ukrainian passport control and then Ukrainian customs and then you’re through. Once through, just follow the main road towards Lviv on the M10 E40 – this is the route right across Ukraine to Kyiv and thence on to the east. Stick to this – the main towns on the way are Lviv, Rivne, Zhytomyr. Watch out about km inside Ukraine, in Mostyska, as police is actively checking traffic measures here speed exceeding.

From Slovakia[ edit ] There are two road border crossings between Slovakia and Ukraine: The former one is for cars not trucks , pedestrians and cyclists, and the latter one is for motorized traffic only. No pedestrians or cyclists are allowed. On foot, by bicycle[ edit ] You can walk across the m long bridge from Sighetu Marmatiei , Romania. Once you get to Solotvynoe, Ukraine, you can continue your travel in a car or a train.

Bicycling is also a good possibility in summer.

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Language in Ukraine Ukrainian is the official state language; it is a language of the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic languages. The language shares some vocabulary with the languages of the neighbouring Slavic nations, most notably with Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Slovak. In its earlier stages it was called Ruthenian. Belarussians, Bulgarians, Poles, Hungarians and Romanians make up the other major minority groups. There are also a significant and growing number of Jews, Protestants and Muslims.

Despite the large numbers describing themselves are atheist, Ukrainians are extremely superstitious.

Ukrainians enjoy a number of public holidays throughout the year. There are religious holidays such as Orthodox Christmas, Easter, and Holy Trinity plus those celebrating Ukraine’s independence (Independence Day and Constitution Day).

For instance, some 11th-century Jews from Kievan Rus participated in an anti- Karaite assembly held in either Thessaloniki or Constantinople. From the second part of the 14th century, they were subjects of the Polish kings , and magnates. Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth , History of the Jews in Poland , and Lithuanian Jews From the founding of the Kingdom of Poland in the 10th century through the creation of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth in , Poland was considered one of the most diverse countries in Europe.

It became home to one of the world’s largest and most vibrant Jewish communities. The Jewish community in the territory of Ukraine-proper during the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth became one of the largest and most important ethnic minority groups in Ukraine. Khmelnytsky Uprising The Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky led a Cossack uprising , known as Khmelnytsky Uprising — , under the premise that the Poles had sold them as slaves “into the hands of the accursed Jews.

Recent estimates range from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand Jews killed or taken captive, and Jewish communities totally destroyed. Ukrainian folk art, 19th century The Cossack Uprising and the Deluge left a deep and lasting impression on the Jewish social and spiritual life. The rise of Hasidism had a great influence on the rise of Haredi Judaism , with a continuous influence through its many Hasidic dynasties.

A radically different movement was started by Jacob Frank in the middle of the 18th century. Frank’s teachings were extremely unorthodox such as purification through transgression, as well as adoption of elements of Christianity , and he was excommunicated along with his numerous followers.

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Contacts Independence Day of Ukraine! On the 24 of August, the country with the most beautiful ladies celebrates its independence! Each country deserves to be free, and each citizen of such a country is proud of the place where they live. The Independence of Ukraine was adopted in by all people living there. The big national voting was held and the Declaration of Independence of Ukrainian people was adopted resulting in the creation of this wonderful and free country.

These two stripes, the blue and the yellow, mean the freedom of this nation. Endless blue skies and boundless fields of the ripe wheat. One can see lots of flags around the cities on the buildings. On the 24th of August, people have a day off. And this is really great, as everyone can have a rest and visit all those events held in the country! And the warm summer weather makes this holiday even more pleasant. Usually, lots of parades are held to show everyone that Ukraine can stand for its freedom!

But also there are concerts and music events, as freedom is so much fun and happiness for everyone! She will definitely be waiting for you in chat dressed in a beautiful vyshyvanka!


Summary – Ukraine is imposing martial law in parts of the country from 28 November to 27 December; increased security presence is likely in these areas; you should remain vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities Download map PDF The Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO advise against all travel to Donetsk oblast, Luhansk oblast and Crimea.

From 9am local time on 28 November until 27 December , Ukraine is imposing martial law in parts of the country bordering Russia, the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea and the Transnistria region of Moldova. The oblasts affected are:

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Traditions and customs of Ukraine. Etiquette Ukrainians are very hospitable. As their guest, you will receive red-carpet treatment. This includes heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts. These rules of etiquette may be useful: Men in Ukraine will always shake hands when they greet for the first time during the day. However, it is taboo to shake hands with your gloves on. Ukraine is one of the many countries where this handshake tradition is rigorously upheld In Ukraine it is not a custom to shake hands with a woman.

Kissing her hand will make you very gallant If invited into a family home, it is traditional to bring a gift. Do not whistle; some believe it will “blow your money away. It is considered bad luck It is impolite to point with your finger. But if you must point, it’s better to use your entire hand instead of your finger Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a home.

Refusing to drink alcohol on certain occasions or to a certain toast may sometimes be considered rude. For instance refusing to drink alcohol at a funeral banquet is considered unacceptable.

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Chat to a travel specialist Once part of the Soviet empire, Ukraine became an independent state in Although it continues to have an uncomfortable relationship with its all-powerful neighbour, Russia, Ukraine is both a safe and truly fascinating country to visit with a host of historical cities and some of the most affordable prices in the whole of Europe. City breaks to Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa are popular, and travellers looking to explore Ukraine a little deeper are rewarded with a host of off-the-beaten-track options, including Chernivtsi, Kamenets Podlisky and Uzhgorod in west Ukraine.

Dazzling frescoes, old cathedrals and charming baroque and renaissance architecture fill the popular cities of Kyiv and Lviv, where numerous galleries and museums line the cobbled streets. History buffs will find plenty of points of interest; in Kyiv the National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War entertains for an afternoon, and enjoys far-reaching views over the River Dniepr.

And, of course, Ukraine’s most famous dark tourist attraction, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, is open for visitors and overnight stays.

Ukraine Holidays calendar for the whole year: public holidays, world and international holidays, religious holidays, professional holidays, culcural holidays, unofficial holidays, observances.

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Early history[ edit ] Gold Scythian pectoral, or neckpiece, from a royal kurgan in Pokrov , dated to the 4th century BC Neanderthal settlement in Ukraine is seen in the Molodova archaeological sites 43, —45, BC which include a mammoth bone dwelling. The Goths stayed in the area but came under the sway of the Huns from the s AD. At the end of the century, the majority of Bulgar tribes migrated in different directions, and the Khazars took over much of the land.

The Antes were the ancestors of Ukrainians: Migrations from Ukraine throughout the Balkans established many Southern Slavic nations. Northern migrations, reaching almost to the Ilmen Lakes , led to the emergence of the Ilmen Slavs , Krivichs , and Radimichs , the groups ancestral to the Russians.

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