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Place of origin and manufacturer Needless to say, the best vintage Hawaiian shirts are made in Hawaii. Look for this information on the necktag. Sometimes it will be more specific and say “made in Honolulu” or some other specific section of Hawaii. Modern rayon Hawaiian shirts are generally made in Korea, China, or the U. Just as learning to spot a vintage necktag is important, so are learning the various manufacturers. Sometimes a tag may appear “new” to you until you learn to recognize them. A partial list of famous vintage makers include: Photo courtesy of author.

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Oct 08,  · Karalee Austin owner of Simply The Best Singles presented a “Hawaiian Themed” dance/mixer at the popular Hilton Garden Inn in Carlsbad on Saturday,

Tight black jeans rolled at the bottom and a tight black, tucked in T-shirt. A knotted white T-shirt and cut off jean shorts. Tight leather pants or leggings, hot red heels, and a tight off the shoulder black top! Pretty curls in the hair are a great addition! Johnny Cash and June Carter: All black outfit and a guitar. Check your local thrift store! Tattered white T-shirt and khakis. A fed ex envelope is a great addition!

Forrest Gump and Jenny: Khaki pants, a plaid button up T-shirt and a ball cap. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: A baseball style T-shirt, ball cap and glasses a must.

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A little female history about a woman who was determined to ride a bike and to wear some fancy pants. Or, How to research a weird vintage garment. So, a few years ago I found these, which are now listed at the etsy funkomavintage shop:

The best from this year’s men’s style Black Friday sales. From Banana to J. Crew, and now updated with Spier & Mackay, Target, and more.

What does “Made in Hong Kong’ say about an object’s age? This is a great question, one of those facts everyone in the collectibles field should know. Doing the research was fun. The McKinley Tariff Act of required that goods imported into the United States be marked with their country of origin. The goods did not have to be permanently marked.

A paper label was and still is acceptable. In the broadest interpretation, “Made in Hong Kong” means only that the item was made some time after However, my assumption is that you are really asking about a wide range of plastic items, from Barbie to snow domes, marked “Made in Hong Kong” that arrived in the American market in the early s through the early s.

During a recent visit to the Brass Armadillo Antiques Mall in Des Moines, I was glancing through the antiques and collectibles reference books for sale and came across Andrew G. But its economy developed in a completely different direction after World War II, when Hong Kong became more industrialized, finding a ready market in Southeast Asia for consumer goods, which were in short supply at the time.

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The casual connoisseur In with the vintage,out with the new. Many of us have stumbled out of some department store in a rush of euphoria, having bought an item you think only your quirky sense of style would suit. But as soon as you wear it out, the first room you enter is littered with the optical illusion that is your paisley one piece. And suddenly you no longer feel so quirky; unfortunately tonight you may serve as an eye scratcher rather than an eye catcher.

Play your cards close to your chest and lay down your second-hand hand. When finding a unique look starts to become a problem because of lack of choice, Bounty hunters charity shop may spoil you for just that.

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Although the first Polynesians to Hawaii came with the raw plant materials and knowledge of how to make kapa, the time and distance away from their south pacific cousins produced a very different type of cloth. James Cook shows a very geometric and eclectic style of kapa design. The predominant element is the use of lines to create and delineate space and colors.

This kapa housed in an Aotearoa museum is a wonderful example of the kapa of that time. A close up look at this kapa shows that the stamps are actually made of some natural material such as a cut stem of a plant, rather than the carved markings of the ‘ohe kapala stamp. Hawaiian Kapa, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii Collection of California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California In some kapa, pounded as fine as tissue such as this piece housed in the California Academy of Sciences Natural History Museum in San Francisco, the watermark, which is beaten into the cloth itself as opposed to being applied to the surface, completes the design.

The white pattern of this kapa is actually the light coming thru the cloth itself. Colors skillfully applied over the watermarked kapa can enhance the embossed appearance of such a cloth. The designs are many and varied, predominantly straight line geometrics with the occasional leaf or round shape. The fine craftsmanship is evident in the delicate intricacy of these stamps.

Chevrons and Diamonds

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And if you’re looking for love, you can order a Hawaiian Love Affair or a giggle-inducing Gidget’s Crush. Vintage Somewhere between New York and Hong Kong.

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Hunt for the Perfect Hawaiian Shirt: But to one who truly loves Hawaiian shirts, as I do, this was the Mona Lisa of shirts. It even had a name, as all great Hawaiian shirts do: I was in Hawaii, after all, in search of the Perfect Hawaiian Shirt. It was a day quest that took in 55 stores on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

If wearing another man’s clothes bothers you, vintage shopping may not be for you (even though the shirt you’re wearing was probably tried on a couple of times). But if you put your hesitations.

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