Than focus on the firepower: Now finish all mobility modules and the rest. History of creation and combat usage Development In late , German designers started the development of more powerful and slightly larger version of Panther mounted on a newly designed chassis. In January of , Adolf Hitler agreed on the development of Panther with increased armour protection especially for the needs of the Eastern Front. In February of , it was decided that Panther II, in its design would resemble Tiger II and would have many common components such as: Both designs had common components in an attempt to standardize the production. Overall dimensions were very similar to those of Panther Ausf. Its armour protection was significantly increased if compared to any other Panther variant produced. Side armour protection was 60mm thick while frontal armour protection was mm thick. Front was mm, gun mantlet was mm, while sides and rear were 60mm and top was 30mm thick.

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I think it is better in most ways that i want then the panther2. I eaven think we could suspect a little buff for the panther2, because off powercreep its stats are not that good anymore Devor on December 29, at 1: December 29, at 2: Ever heard of the 15m rule?

Soldiers from the Armoured Division (Poland) on a German Jagdpanther in Raamsdonk, the Netherlands, Find this Pin and more on Tanks by Kevin Sparks. The Jagdpanther was a German tank destroyer; it had a fixed gun (i. no turret) and was based on the chassis of the Panther tank.

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected. In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

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Prev Types of tanks Self-Propelled Guns The last group, which I decided to separate from other vehicles, is premium tanks. These machines can be only bought by gold won in competitions organized by Wargaming. In some cases we can obtain them as a bonus for using special code or completing the tutorial.

Panther II with Schmalturm and 8,8cm KwK 43 L/71 Edit. Schnell Jagdpanzer SchK II Aureole/88 Edit. One of three fake German tanks made for the Playstation 1/Dreamcast game “Panzer Front”. It differed from the Aureole/75 only in that the Aureole/88 had an 8,8cm KwK L/ cannon. The Fake Tanks page was one of the first pages on.

The Bison sits as the first artillery piece, on the left of the German tree. The Wespe, from memory branches off the Panzer II. Like I’ve told my fellow clan buddies. Even if you go the Bison route and not the Wespe. Both SPGs are pretty agile once upgrade, cheap to refit and repair. While the WOT beta’s running, you’ll receive gold per day.

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As the Panther had not gone into combat at that time, he assumed the date was a typo, and that the document was from However, the document was indeed from , and was referring to problems experienced with other vehicles, mainly that Russian Since Spielberger had assumed this document came from , not , this led him to believe that the Panther II project was still going in , even though it had thought to have been cancelled.

1 more point regarding the panther if it was the soviet line, with only the matilda IV available as a medium tank crew trainer, then, and only then, it would have at least some merit. The German Tech tree has at least 2 decent to good premium medium tanks with acceptable stats for their MM.

Timeline The community is absolutely rife with these. Within 24 hours of being released, the LTP , the tank that was gifted for free to all players as part of the celebration of Wargaming. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “Loltraktor Pro”, essentially referring to it as simply a refurbished Leichttraktor. Several tanks have abbreviated names to ease communication , but it didn’t take long for the German Leichttraktor to gain the affectionate nickname “Loltraktor”.

It also looks like a Wolfin. The Loltraktor later had a big brother: It is also called the ” Basilisk “, due to its striking resemblance. Also known as the Unicorn due its frontal gun mounting resembling one. The Japanese heavy tanks, released in patch 9. The KV-2’s turrets and the premium PzIV Schmalturm gained the nickname “bobbleheads” for their disproportionate sizes. The former is also often called “The Portajohn” in China for same reason. US heavy tanks from the T29 onwards got nicknamed ” Cheburashkas ” for the same reason, and for the “flaps” on the sides of their turrets actually a coincidence rangefiner.

The VK Ausf B. Heavy tank has been called the “Baby Maus”, while Russian fans nicknamed it “Slipper” for its silhouette icon.

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In this article we will cover 7 of the best Premium tanks in World of Tanks. It can be tough to define what makes a Premium tank the “best” so we’ve tried to collate a few tanks from varying tier levels – that way there’s a Premium tank for all occasions. In order to own a Premium tank you have to do one of a few things, either use an Invite Code, receive it from TankRewards, and for the best Premium tanks, you have to buy them.

Premium tanks are one of the best things you can purchasing using Gold , so it’s well worth considering! Premium tanks are designed to be better than a free tank using stock parts, but not as powerful as the same free tank using upgraded modules.

What should I wear dressing for – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

The Panther mit 8. Many will say that this is just a lazy attempt by the developers to squeeze money from people since it is pretty much a mash up of tanks we already have. Does the Panther mit 8. I hope to answer this by breaking down the Panther mit 8. Video Overview Firepower The Panther mit 8. Unlike most premium tanks however the premium Panther actually has the better gun in this case over its standard counterpart in several areas, which for a premium tank is very unusual.

Going with the trend the premium Panther also has a 2.

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Development[ edit ] The Jagdpanther had been preceded by two attempts at mounting an 8. Ferdinand proved to be too heavy and Nashorn small and underpowered. The full-size model by Daimler-Benz was demonstrated in October before Hitler.

The Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 (or Panther 88) is fairly similar to its tech tree counterpart, the Panther II, but has some key differences to differentiate it. For one, it has a noticeably worse hull in terms of armor protection, and it also has a weaker engine, which is partially compensated for with better terrain resistance values but still.

Panther 88 has 20 less armor than the Panther II, so yeah, almost the same gun I think all premium meds should have preferential It’s premium so obviously there is something about it that is nerfed compared to it’s counter part. TwixOps, on Jan 03 – I just want to point out that the people modeling and balancing new tanks are part of a completely different team than those programmers working on coding a new game engine.

Then they need to hurry up and finish what they started. They specifically stated in the very first developer diaries video they would not be adding that many tanks in yet they have added like 20 new premiums some of which are not even useful. I don’t care about the obj. That is a waste of time and resources making useless clan reward tanks that no one ever gets. And the new British line which wasn’t really needed. WG Also promised they would try and add a Japanese heavy tank line.

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The great tanks in WoT by tier Yes it’s that time again, bestest lists. You can’t go wrong with any of the following tanks. If these aren’t working for you, then you’re doing something wrong and should change your driving style, ask advice, or something.

Auch ein Panther 88 lässt sich hervorragend als Sniper missbrauchen:). WoT World of Tanks XBOX added 2 new photos. · January 13, · January 13, ·.

This T26E4 prototype was based on a T26E1 vehicle. The old designation can still be seen on the turret. Here seen at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds — Credits: As such, it was decided to up-gun the M26 by installing a more powerful 90 mm cannon, the T15E1. This vehicle was based on the first T26E1 vehicle. A single tank was then shipped to Europe and was attached to the 3rd Armored Division.

Another prototype was produced, testing the T15E2 gun, using a T26E3 vehicle as a basis. These two prototypes had two recuperators on top of the gun, in order to help manage the stronger recoil of the gun. The second prototype, with the T15E2 two-piece ammunition gun, was the basis for the T26E4 production vehicles. In March , a limited procurement of T26E4s was authorized, replacing the same number of M26 Pershings ordered.

However, with the end of the war in Europe, the number of T26E4s ordered was reduced to These were manufactured at the Fisher Tank Arsenal. Tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground ran through January The project was later canceled, with some vehicles going on to be used as target practice.

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Should get premium matchmaking. As stated by WarGaming the Panther mit 8. But when compaired with the various other Panthers. It seems to not have much of an advantage over either of them. It turms faster, it’s got a faster turning turret, a hair more accuracy, and a tad better rate of fire than the Panther II, and Panther.

Designed with thick armor in order to successfully counter the 88 mm guns on the German tanks, the main gun carried by the Iosif Stalin tank was successful in defeating both the WWII German Tiger and Panther .

But it has satisfying armor. It can also mount a mm gun. It’s 75 mm gun might be weak for a tier V TD, but if we will add very high penetration to it, and a fast reload time, I think it could be actually good. But this tank has one terrible weakness: But although this tank has big weaknesses, I still think this tank deserves to be a tier 9.

It’s gun has a faster reload time than the Type 74 Howitzer though, and also delivers more damage, and has better accuracy. The Ka-To can penetrate up to mm of armour, which is absolutely horrible, so I suggest extremely buffing it. This tank has really satisfying maniability, and delivers a good amount of damage.

It’s gun is replaced with a mm gun. It will have good speed, a good rate of shots per minute, good maniability and good armor. Plus, it will have a fully rotatable turret! It’s gun is a Type 91 mm gun.

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