Miller Spoolmatic 30A Owner’s Manual

Now you can get the job done and get it done right. We know you don t have time to do it any other way. That s why when Niels Miller first started building arc welders in , he made sure his products offered long-lasting value and superior quality. Like you, his customers couldn t afford anything less. Miller products had to be more than the best they could be. They had to be the best you could buy.

Miller Electric Shopmate Series Brochure & Specs

People also buy Miller Spoolmatic 30A Miller’s Spoolmatic 30A is a portable, aluminum wire feeder designed for industrial applications. It goes perfectly with the Millermatic Designed for Ease of Use A wire feed speed adjustment on the gun handle and reversible drive rolls save both time and money. The quick-change, single-turn contact tip perform well and is designed for quick and easy replacement.

Feb 04,  · Overview of the Miller welder I use and the accessories preferred. Millermatic , Spoolmatic 30A, and a curve tip.

Posts girvin, just another thought if your pressed for money is to get the Everlast spool gun for the and wait till you have more money to get the 30A. I run my MTS s off my trailblazer with no problems and you could do the same with the The draw back to this configuration is reach but you could always get an extention cord for the power lead. I have a 50ft and a 25ft for mine. The gun would not be as good as the 30A but it might get you by for a while.

I run my spoolmatic 3 directly from my trailblazer, it does not need any adapter or converter to run from the 14 pin outlet on the trailblazer. The spoolmatic 3 is obsolete but you can get them on ebay for just a couple hundred dollars. I leave the 30A on the MTS.

Miller Spool gun 30A spoolmatic – $475

Miller matic Owner’s Manual: Connecting Spoolmatic 15a Or 30a Gun Millermatic spool gun hook up, millermatic 30a spool gun instructions? There should be a dial on the handle I think. Can I add the other two pins to the 4 pin connector and make it work? Have searched on Miller’s web site, but other then a brief guide on how to prep aluminum, and how to use the “spray” method of arcing the aluminum on, which I was able to do quite nicely on some heavy pieces of aluminum scrap I had, they did not give me any guns hook on how to adjust the settings.

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Welding is a sideline to my carpentry, so it’s for occasional use, but I want it to be a versatile setup should my needs grow. Does anyone have experience with the various spool guns? Am I crazy to consider using a spool gun for everything? Which one should I get? Also, I’ve been advised that pure argon will probably be OK to use for everything so I don’t have to switch bottles when going from AL to steel, any thoughts?

I own a Spoolmatic 30, but have vast experience with the AEC. Really like them both-but The Miller will fit your machine easily by using the WC24 control.

Miller Electric Shopmate Series Brochure & Specs

Includes 10 ft 3 m VAC power cable and plug, 6 ft 1. Push Roll 1 For. Contact Tips 5 per package For. Drive Roll 1 For. Cords and cables are supplied unless noted otherwise on drawings below.

Jun 24,  · The 30A was a very ease hookup just had to get the wires diagram for both and rewire the plug and put the power line on the Euro connector. If you need the wiring diagrams I have them. Nice, I would like the wire diagrams if its not too much trouble.

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With a range of 5 to amps amps at 60 percent duty cycle and easy-to-use but powerful weld controls previously only available on more expensive, three-phase machines, the Shopmate was designed to meet the needs of users who require versatility, ease-of-use and arc quality at an affordable price. These include MRO, RV and trailer manufacturing and other light industrial, educational and farm applications.

One knob allows you to tune-in the arc quickly and easily. Plus, it’s a single-phase power source, so you don’t have to add three-phase wiring to get quality weld performance. Operators only have to set the selector to the wire type being used: Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

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Millermatic mig welder Description: This all-in-one MIG machine has infinite voltage control with wire feed speed tracking for easy operator control. Runs on Volt input power to go wherever you need to weld! NEW Smooth Start patent-pending technology provides a smooth spatter-free start. Its the best starting machine in the small MIG machine catagory.

No pop gun starts and no spatter to clean up. Makes the unit safer, and is easier to position torch to work before starting to weld. Built-in Contactor – For your safety, our built-in contactor makes wire electrically “cold” when not welding. Short Circuit Protection – Contact tip life is extended by the exclusive Miller short-circuit protection which easily resets with the release of the gun trigger.

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Spoolgun 130831

The thought of tig’n all this stuff is just killing me. A couple years ago a friend of mine gave me a 30 amp Miller spool gun, a wc I think its a 24, no label on it, six sided thing, serial kf and a psa2 serial ke , that says “warning, dont use type 1 and type 2 guns on this power supply, it has been modified and damage to the guns will occour” What guns do they mean here?

The spool gun has no type 1 or 2 on it, its just an older pop top not hinged 30 amp gun without a serial number. Its been sitting since he gave it to me and now I have a decent job for it. Do I have what I need to make this rig run? From what little I’ve been able to learn the WC goes between the gun and the multi pin under the cover on the power supply?

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I originally got the spool gun as the cheapest practical entry I saw into AL welding, I read the little MIG boxes had a rep for birds nesting the soft AL wire trying to push it through a long tube. While I could get decent results, I found maintaining the charge on the batteries a PITA, as well as dealing with a voltage that dropped during your welding session. I really haven’t used stick much, at least not on delicate work.

I find the flux makes it much harder to see what you’re doing than the gas shielded. Or should I find myself a cheap MIG box to hook up the spool gun to? Most of my work is with light metal. Are you doing this for a hobby thing, and just welding for yourself or are you going to sell these weldments? If it is just for yourself and do not want to invest in good equipment you can just keep doing what you are doing and deal with the struggle of jury rigged equipment.

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Owner’s Manual

Wire Spool Loosen wire from spool, cut off bent wire, and pull 6 in mm of wire off spool. Pressure Roll Assembly Lift arm and open pressure roll assembly. Connecting To 24 Volt Weld Control Installing Gas Supply Installing Gas Supply Obtain gas cylinder and chain to running gear, wall, or other station- ary support so cylinder cannot fall and break off valve.

11 days ago · Miller Spoolmatic 15A MIG Spool Gun (). $1, $ Earn Miller Spoolmate™ Spoolgun is a amp spool gun designed specifically for your Millermatic® or Multimatic™ welder.

The following Spectrum machines can be operated utilizing generator power. Includes 10 ft, A M gun. Gas solenoid kit available for. The following Millermatic machines can be operated utilizing generator power. The Millermatic line of MIG welders are complete arc welding power source, wire feeder and gun packages designed for portability and ease of use. Includes secondary contactor and gas valve.

How to MIG Weld Aluminum with a Spool Gun