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ADHD Experts On Call was a multifaceted program that included a telephone call-in event that brought together 30 of the most important figures in the ADHD community, a comprehensive national survey of ADHD stakeholders, a traditional and online media blitz, and involvement by the Adderall sales force. The program reinforced Shire US, a small specialty pharmaceutical firm, as the premier ADHD support company; generated brand recognition for its ADHD treatment, Adderall; and built the foundation for an ongoing dialogue with people affected by this disorder. The public discussion of ADHD can be a minefield of unscientific claims and accusations aimed at doctors and respected medical institutions, leaving parents and patients confused and without a source for reliable information. For the Adderall team, this confusion was both an opportunity — to fill the need for truthful information — and a challenge — to ensure accurate reporting about ADHD and the program. In addition, because ADHD Experts On Call was a program about a medical condition and its treatment, we had to be careful not to violate regulatory and promotional restrictions. While this timing provided opportunities, we also faced several communications challenges: Due to the controversy surrounding ADHD, the condition regularly is covered in various capacities, and some members of the media were hesitant to cover it again. A major competitor, Concerta, a longer-lasting formulation of the same medicine in Ritalin, received FDA approval on August 1.

Is Adderall a benzodiazepine?

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These drug-fueled sex horror stories will make you get sober and find Jesus Put down the blunt, sis! I mean, I hate the way guitars sound and I’m a sober virgin right Mom? But a lot of girls mix hooking up and getting high, and it’s not always pretty. In honor of Weed Day legalize it, end mass incarceration and let me have a good time!

Oh hell yeah im All About Weed. I do pot every day. What type of strain is this? It was totally an accident — we didn’t realize what his friend meant by the name of whatever it was and afterwards he told us when we said it was weird and we were like…oh fuck. I hallucinated in bed and thought I was a cat when we were hooking up. But was I wrong? Boys Don’t Cry I take Adderall pretty regularly ok, fine, I take it twice a day, every day but it’s usually tapered off by the time I get home to the apartment I share with my boyfriend.

Of course, it makes me crazy-psycho-focused and I’m usually talking a mile a minute and doing a thousand things at once.

What’s next: Huguely defense may argue Adderall, CPR, fall

Are you or someone you care for currently taking this drug? Top Comparisons Ritalin vs. Adderall Adderall XR vs. Does Vyvanse cause Hypersexuality?

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10 Natural Adderall Alternatives for Treating ADHD

Legal experts with whom the Hook has spoken downplay such likelihood because he’s already given a bold— and, some might say, sympathetic— performance in his morning-after police interrogation. Does he really want to be cross-examined about the contradictions he uttered in the hour-long video? And with the medical examiner having raised the possibility of strangulation, there’s a chance he’ll be haunted by his statement on the interrogation tape:

Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin. It’s insanity to kill your father with a kitchen knife. It’s also insanity to close hospitals, fire therapists, and leave families to face mental illness on.

I could wax poetic about the disturbing trends with kids. I live it everyday. Much of it also stems from a lack of nurturing by uneducated, self-involved, narcissistic parents. Hawkeye March 31, at 4: According to the federal gov. So drugging kids is like a whole new client portal for more profits. They have already exhausted even that group and are getting vets into the arena now too! Can you believe it!

Well to you and everyone else a must see documentary: Great info in it. So with regards to your school kids, what you say is spot on and are symptoms of these toxic meds they are drugging our children with. They won’t let the kid in school at all if you refuse to give your child the drugs. Adderall and Ritalin please forgive my spelling on these drugs, no spell check here they are made from the same stuff as meth!

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Life Writing With Adderall: I always go back and forth on how much I should share about this on the blog and in the newsletter. On the one hand, I always want to be open and trusting with the great community that cares about the work and the people. On the other hand, I tend to believe that one of the best ways we can solve our own problems is to focus on serving others.

So about two months ago I was prescribed adderall 20mg XR pills, klonopin, and xanax, which I abused religiously through a hook up that the majority of people get prescription pills from, (I was just getting high of the benzos.

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Socks meant everything to this man and many like him. This is a classic technique that can work well as a way to relax and make the audience receptive.

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Continue reading the main story Sadly, few physicians and parents seem to be aware of what we have been learning about the lack of effectiveness of these drugs. What gets publicized are short-term results and studies on brain differences among children. Indeed, there are a number of incontrovertible facts that seem at first glance to support medication. It is because of this partial foundation in reality that the problem with the current approach to treating children has been so difficult to see.

Back in the s I, like most psychologists, believed that children with difficulty concentrating were suffering from a brain problem of genetic or otherwise inborn origin. Just as Type I diabetics need insulin to correct problems with their inborn biochemistry, these children were believed to require attention-deficit drugs to correct theirs.

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Edit Adderall helps people get shit done. The chemical inside, amphetamine, was used by geniuses, such as Winston Churchill , Paul Erdos , Adolf Hitler , and many who haven’t even let their usage surface, such as Road Runner or Sonic the Hedgehog. Nameless among the masses are college students, especially those who procrastinate until finals time. Recreational Stimulant Edit Not only does Adderall make manual and mental tasks more manageable, but it makes the greatest task of all tolerable When ingested or snorted, in delivers a euphoric sensation, one unknown to those fags who smoke pot just to look cool.

Trust me, rail some crushed up adderall and then tell me about how “dank” that skunk is. Metaphysical Operation The following sections explain how Adderall works in the body. Scientific Explanation Edit If you don’t use this, you’ll screw it up. Warning Reading the actual scientific workings of Addreall requires a normal brain, or one not damaged by illegal drugs , head injury , or a brain that has not been malformed by exposure to terrorist groups, liberalism , homosexuality , Western Society at large or, especially, Uncyclopedia.

Read at your own risk! If you fall into any of these categories, please skip to the dumbed-down section that follows. Adderall is a reuptake inhibitor. It forces the serotonin, dopamine, and other brain chemicals to remain active in the brain, because it blocks them from returning to their storage areas in the neurons of the brain.

Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up

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Apr 03,  · Adderall is really great stuff. I don’t know what this movie is about but I’m sure its extremely exaggerated, but you will definitely get garbage done on adderall.

Medical[ edit ] Methylphenidate is a commonly prescribed psychostimulant and works by increasing the activity of the central nervous system. Methylphenidate is considered effective in increasing wakefulness, vigilance, and performance. It can also improve depression in several groups including stroke , cancer , and HIV-positive patients. In , empirical literature included 63 cases of prenatal exposure to methylphenidate across three empirical studies.

Methylphenidate was ranked 13th in dependence, 12th in physical harm, and 18th in social harm. Gastrointestinal adverse effects may include abdominal pain and weight loss. Cardiac adverse effects may include palpitations , changes in blood pressure and heart rate typically mild , tachycardia rapid resting heart rate , and Raynaud’s phenomenon reduced blood flow to the hands and feet. Hyperhidrosis increased sweating is common.

Chest pain is rarely observed.