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Absorbing this epic landscape from the car is wonderful, but the other senses could be missing out! Like a sip of Bushmills Whiskey, every second on the Causeway Coastal Route should be savoured every step of the way. A driving 41 mins Titanic Belfast Titanic sights in a historic city Belfast city is bustling — its iconic attractions and Victorian charm make it the perfect spot to begin your Causeway Coast adventure. Hear heartbreaking tales about the vessel’s passengers, discover the detail behind the mammoth task of building the ill-fated ship and dive into the depths with an immersive video exploring the wreckage on the ocean floor. Explore St George’s Market , a Belfast foodie institution where you’ll find everything from chocolate to local cheese. Then, once you’ve had your fill, take a cruise on Belfast Lough, a gorgeous respite from the buzz of the city.

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Bealtaine is old Irish that translates to bright fire with the anglicised name being Beltane. Many believe it was an ancient pagan festival celebrated by the Celts on May Day. First written in Irish: A footnote added by the editor refers to an eleventh century Psalter called the Southampton Psalter, Insular illuminated Psalter from Ireland. Is this where Beltaine as a May Day celebration originates? Its believed this story may have been first written down by Irish monks in sixth century to preserve national literature but most collections had been destroyed by invading Vikings.

Nov 22,  · lgbt festival dublin. The dublin gay theatre festival is an annual event, celebrating contribution of gay people to theatre, past and theatre in y, he reached into still another pocket, pulled out a knife walang dating in english and plunged it into the wood between the two the meantime I will do a little quiet work at your own doors.

Tuesday 24th July Red Sails Raffle Tickets will be on sale daily at our information stall. Proceeds to cover festival costs. All the items are genuine and are covered by our no quibble money back guarantee. These posters hung in British, Irish and American cinemas before being collected by the galleries. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: Award winning film promoting the preservation of our nature.

Various Along the Promenade 3. With over 10 years in the music industry business Ryan Bob and Amanda Jane came together to form Mississippi Boombox in

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Masters basketball denotes players must be over forty and thirty-five years old respectively for men and women, and the objective of this event is to promote competitive basketball for men and women and to offer players of various nationalities the opportunity to compete and socialise together over the two day event.

The deceptively short 10km course is packed full of climbing, swinging, leaps into the Atlantic and all kinds of other mayhem and madness. Said to be the toughest course in Ireland, it promises to test competitors’ stamina, nerve and camaraderie. The fun does not end with the race. Once they have washed the mud off, all warriors are invited to the themed party in Killary Adventure Centre.

This takes us all round the world and back home in Ireland we run the nationwide festivals, The Irish Gin & Tonic Fest and Irish Cocktail Month. As soon as the festival starts, operated from an old flour mill dating back over two centuries and lies Read More. Ornabrak Single Malt Gin.

The Irish harp is the official symbol of Ireland Celtic harp. This status dates back several centuries and the instrument’s history tells much about the history of the island. The Harp of Erin, from an engraving. Today, a representation of the traditional harp is to be found on the Presidential Seal and on many official documents, on passports, on the flag of Leinster but not the national flag , on Irish euro coins and as a logo for a number of prominent state-supported organisations such as the National University of Ireland.

As one of the national symbols of Ireland the harp is also used extensively by businesses and other corporations wishing to convey ‘Irish-ness’. Guinness bottle labels are perhaps its most famous gig while a heavily stylised harp puts in an appearance on the tail fins of budget carrier Ryan Air. There are a number of names for the Irish harp.

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Want to feel like a member of royalty for a night? Choosing the accommodation that perfectly fits your needs is just as important as any other aspect of your holiday. Stay rested, eat well, have fun, get pampered, relax by the fire, explore the grounds, try out exciting activities and more in each of the amazing castles on our list of best castles to stay in Ireland! While some castles are beloved favourites, others may surprise you!

Fanad Head Lighthouse dating to is one of 70 working lighthouses around the coast of Ireland, and offers overnight lodging in the keepers’ cottages. Image Credit: Tourism Ireland Atlantic.

The Dublin Podcast Festival kicks off on Friday September 28 and runs until October 17 so here’s a rundown of what’s on offer The Allusionist scratches the surface of why we say the things we say. English is a big messy mutt of a language, formed by military invasion after military invasion, plus countless tiny idiosyncratic decisions made by its users along the way. Opening the show is Words To That Effect. Produced in Dublin the podcast combines guest experts and engaging narratives to explore history, culture, science, and literature.

He kick-started his personal training company by training clients in their homes in Karl is joined by a variety of guests each week from all different walks of life. The podcast motivates, empowers, educates and inspires listeners to live a healthier and happier life. Special guests on the night include: Annie Kirwan – Annie is one of Irelands top Pilates teachers.

She has a masters degree in molecular immunology and is particularly interested in the impact of your lifestyle on your health and the capacity of the body to heal itself. She works with clients to focus on their movement, mindset, habits and nutrition to take control of their well-being and live a happier, healthier life.

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It was led by Richard de Clare , called Strongbow due to his prowess as an archer. In , Henry arrived in Ireland in order to review the general progress of the expedition. He wanted to re-exert royal authority over the invasion which was expanding beyond his control. Henry successfully re-imposed his authority over Strongbow and the Cambro-Norman warlords and persuaded many of the Irish kings to accept him as their overlord, an arrangement confirmed in the Treaty of Windsor.

This list of activities and events to enjoy in Ireland starts with January and makes its way, month-by-month through to December. This listing focuses on those events that come up every year, but many new traditions are started each year and there are always one-off celebrations or festivals to check out.

Sought after residence in 8th century west of Ireland Wild Roman writers recorded the tribesmen of Ireland as being even fiercer than the Britons. Human heads were taken as trophies and Strabo and Jerome both comment on Irish cannibalism. Inter-tribal warfare was endemic though the clans fought as a horde, in complete disarray.

Their weaponry was limited, spears, slings and axes — their most prized possessions — and they wore no armour. If the tribesmen rode to battle on horse it was without benefit of stirrup or bridle, and they dismounted to fight. One consequence of Rome’s decision not to invade was that the Christianizing of Ireland, no less insidious than elsewhere in Europe, was a particularly protracted process. In the barbarous conditions of the island the eradication of pre-Christian religion took many centuries.

In the 4th century, as Rome’s hold on Britain weakened, the Gaels began slave-raiding along the west coast of Britain. Irish Monks — Saving Civilization? Not quite the Pantheon! A circular enclosure, a few rectangular wooden structures with thatched or shingled roofs, and a cluster of round wattle huts. A tall, roughly hewn slab of stone would stand near the door of the ‘church’.

Prayer house 9th century ‘Gallarus Oratory’ or prayer house.

A Celebration of traditional Irish music, song and dance

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival has it all: Parents would bring their children together at social gatherings, sporting events and musical evenings — and all being well, courtships would blossom. The opening of the West Clare Railway in meant Lisdoonvarna increased in popularity as a tourist destination and the matchmaking tradition grew.

With the harvest safely in and September being the peak holiday month, many bachelor farmers began to flock to Lisdoonvarna for a spa town vacation — and in search of a wife. Meet the Man Himself While the festival has moved into the 21st century, Willie still believes in the old fashioned method of round the table talks with couples and getting the passion flowing by getting them dancing together.

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is, generally speaking, one of the largest single parties of the world, originally with the intent of finding a partner for life. If all the matchmaking resulted in matrimony the Reverend Moon would appear like an amateur here.

We are all about celebrating and promoting Irish made drinks. For , it will run a lot longer — please get involved with Irish Cocktail Month. A 32 county celebration of cocktails made with Irish spirits running for all of October! Any licensed premises in Ireland or Northern Ireland can get on board for free by registering on our site from October 1st. It is then mixed with more of the Fermoy honey, lime, lemon, a pinch of cinnamon, a splash of premium tonic water and egg white.

He has been there for 8 years and his inspiration for the cocktail was a direct result of attending the summer festival, Taste of Fermoy. It was here that he met the good folk from S Bees and Botanica Fermoy who would supply him with the key ingredients from the area for his drink. This is exactly what our festivals are all about, celebrating Irish spirits and Irish produce. As part of the festival, there were lots of events on including some that we hosted ourselves.

Come join the Tullamore Dew ambassador to sample the Starry Night cocktail developed by the talented team at Inn on the Green. We will also be discovering and tasting some of the fantastic Whiskeys that Tullamore Dew have to offer.

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These commitments are set to affect the lives of more than 2. These things will ultimately help these individuals to lift themselves out of poverty. Global Citizens’ actions are helping to end extreme poverty by as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Speed Dating is a quick way to meet 20 or more single people in ireland who are also looking for a single partner. Speed Dating is a risk free way of getting .

The Irish Matchmaker Willie Daly is the last of the traditional Irish ‘matchmakers’, matching lonely couples from around the world at the Lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival. Now his daughters are taking over the business, run from his farm in County Clare, in the west of Ireland. Next to the wedding invitation, sitting under the light with a crucifix filament, is a letter just arrived from England. It reads something like this: I am looking for companionship in a respectable and responsible husband.

Age and looks are of no particular concern, only that he must be a gentleman.

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaker Festival, County Clare Ireland