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A rather glaring one with her violent attempts to break up the Divas’ 1 contender matches for her title. Given the fact that her Real Life status as an Ascended Fangirl is part of her gimmick, you’d think that she would know that eventually she’d get herself into a situation where she had to defend her title against all her rivals at once. She also didn’t realise Paige was baiting her into putting her title on the line on the Raw after Wrestlemania and that her spiel about wanting to congratulate her and not being ready was entirely an act. She actually pulled off a subtle triple play there, since in British slang remember, Paige is English “a bit of crumpet” is a woman treated as a sex object or is a slang term for sex, with the term itself based in “muffin” being used as slang for female genitalia. So basically all her “cutesy food-related nicknames” were her calling Paige a skank. How she describes herself. Also how most of the other characters in the WWE describe her since she’s a very atypical diva in terms of physique. That said, considering her looks, it’s more of a Girlish Pigtails: But she just can’t take a hit; Vickie Guerrero , of all people, fended off a rather vicious beating from her by kicking her into the apron, though to be fair, it was a fairly hard bump. Depends if she’s a face or a heel.

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Amy is also linked with the comic world. These two remained in a connection for a long time. As per current reports, they are no more together. So now questions asked about the dating life of Dolph Ziggler are that, in real life who is his girlfriend or wife in ? Currently, it seems that he is Single and looking for a perfect Soul Mate. His love life is not as perfect as his professional achievements.

Lee: AJ and Dolph Ziggler for fans of AJ Lee images. Look back at some of the funniest, coolest and most shocking moments of Slammy ceremonies past. The Dolph & Aj .

Early life[ edit ] Nemeth was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He has said that he has Hungarian ancestry. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio , where he was an amateur wrestler and holds the school record for most pins in a career with Edward, he was teammates with Gray Maynard and Andy Hrovat. Edward, the wrestling team won the National Championships on two occasions. After a few months of wrestling in dark matches and at house shows , he was sent back to OVW.

The heel McMahon brought in the Squad to attack Michaels on numerous occasions, including placing them in multiple handicap matches. The match never started, however; instead the Spirit Squad attacked Michaels, and, as part of the storyline , shattered his knee with a steel chair. In a backstage segment later that night, DX placed all members into a crate stamped “OVW, Louisville, Kentucky “, a reference to the developmental territory from which the Squad had come.

John Cena consoles an irate AJ Lee: Raw, Dec. 10, 2012

But you know what? None of those folks interest me at all. What can I say? Babs and I must have opposing tastes. And for my money, the most fascinating pro wrestling fan be found on WWE television. Dolph Ziggler At this time last year, Dolph Ziggler seemed to be on the verge of true superstardom, and justifiably so.

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Its me Kairampus, in today’s blog I’m gonna focus on some of the romantic storylines that went down the drain in wwe. He went on dating Kaitlyn, aj Lee, Dana Brooke and so on. And this was one of my favorite romantic story that involves him, to be honest I really liked both of them to be a couples but oh well. In this storyline Lana gets cheers from the wwe universe which she enjoys a lot but on the other hand rusev hates it, During his fued between ziggler rusev gets mad and sends Lana away from the ring side.

The next following Monday night raw ziggler was cutting a promo which got interrupted by Lana she comes up to the ring and kisses Dolph which was the start of the storyline. Rusev had a new companion “summer rae”. They’ve went on giving both Dolph and lana a hell of a beating where summer rae performed rusevs submission maneuver on Lana. The storyline was going on pretty interesting until the news of Lana and rusev got engaged that was revealed in TMZ which gave us a shock!

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To make things better in the cartoon and theater adaption, Peppermint Patty sings a song to Charlie when he asks what is love. Lois is jealous when a co-worker flirts with Clark and decides to pursue him aggressively. She even calls him her man. At the end, both couples have dinner together. Damian comments that he was “really hoping to meet Cassandra.

And then you go around and tell me he won’t be a top heel, when he clearly gets the same amount of hate as AJ and Randy this days. P.S Y’all need Jesus, both his fans and his haters, you are more psycho than his on screen persona, like seriously leave the guy and his personal life alone.

It hasn’t always been this way. But in recent years, WWE has created an incredible female roster that is now able to rival the men for main event spots on pay-per-views, SmackDown, and Monday Night Raw. Even though WWE has changed their rating in recent years, many of their storylines have still integrated couples and relationships. This has led to some of the most shocking kissing scenes that the WWE Universe has ever seen. Some were more surprising than shocking, because the audience really didn’t see them coming, but some were shocking because of the impact it had on the overall storyline at the time.

The following are 15 of the most shocking and surprising make out sessions that many of the WWE fans have enjoyed over the past few decades. Read on and remember some of these horrific pairings. Vickie was dating Dolph Ziggler at the time and she was outraged by the entire thing. It seems this would be the only time Kaitlyn would get the upper hand over the woman who went on to become Raw General Manager. They have the looks and the charm, but it seems that they decided to let a man come between them back in when both Bella’s wanted Daniel Bryan.

Bryan played along with it for a while and the video shows that, after Bryan won his match as United States Champion, the twins had a surprise for him. Both females kissed Bryan who looks as shocked as anyone as the segment unfolds. Bryan didn’t actually choose either women in the WWE Universe, but he did go on to marry Brie Bella and the two have recently revealed that they are expecting a daughter later this year.

What Happened To Lars Sullivan?

Biography Dolph Ziggler is the kind of guy that makes other guys clutch their girlfriends a little closer. Not that it would help — the guy is slimier than his slicked-ba An accomplished amateur wrestler, Ziggler set school records for wins at St. Successfully introduced to just about everyone on the roster, Ziggler really made a name for himself after the Draft moved him to SmackDown, where he perfected his unctuous image and proved his mettle in high-profile contests against the likes of Rey Mysterio and John Morrison.

It lasted less than 12 minutes. From there, he returned to Raw in the Draft, ultimately capturing the U.

Return to SmackDown and Alliance with LayCool & Dolph Ziggler (–) On the November 18th edition of Raw, Vickie was forced to compete in a match against the WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. In attempt to get out of this, she unsuccessfully faked an injury and was forced to compete by Stephanie McMahon. Vickie married Eddie Guerrero.

Vickie was on the July 14 SmackDown! Eddie promised not to reveal the secret should he lose to Mysterio at The Great American Bash , [4] though that turned out to be another one of his character ‘s trademark lies, as Eddie revealed that Dominick was really his kayfabe biological son. Vickie later reappeared at SummerSlam to convince Eddie to put a stop to his war with Mysterio and not to go through with the “Custody of Dominick” ladder match that night.

After that she held down Eddie on the ground afterwards so he couldn’t get up and attack Mysterio. In , approximately seven or eight months after Eddie’s death, Vickie started appearing more prominently in more controversial storylines. She first asserted herself during a feud between Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero when Chavo accused Mysterio of being “nothing but a leech living off the blood of the Guerrero name” on the August 4 SmackDown!.

Subsequently, she acted as peacemaker between the two former friends until she seemingly inadvertently interfered in their match at SummerSlam in , costing Mysterio the match. At Survivor Series , Chavo kicked out of an attempted sharpshooter , causing Benoit to knock Vickie off the ring apron and on her head, causing her to begin to wear a neck brace and blame Benoit for “intentionally” hitting her. As a result, Chavo shouted “If you wanted me to win the title, then stop getting me disqualified,” before pushing Vickie over.

La Familia In May , Kristal , the on-screen girlfriend of General Manager Theodore Long , convinced him to give Guerrero an interview for the position as his assistant. Later in the night, as she stood alone in the ring, after watching Chavo be attacked by the Undertaker. He performed a Tombstone Piledriver on Vickie. After being off-air for several weeks, she returned on December 14 as a villainess and in a wheelchair , making biased matches in favor of Edge which led to him winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Armageddon.

This started a feud between Edge and the Undertaker, with Vickie giving Edge numerous title opportunities and placing The Undertaker in difficult matches.

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Tables, Ladders, and C. Punk By Corey Letson Jan 7, – Corey Letson – Life and stuff.

“– WWE Diva AJ Lee was with her husband CM Punk for his first official UFC appearance at UFC in Las Vegas Saturday night. AJ also apparently at cageside with Punk during the event. [WWE Dolph Ziggler fan fic] – Bela Milagres. Outfits and Accessories. See more What others are saying “If you really like online marketing an.

We go right to the ring and out comes John Cena to a very mixed reaction. Cena says he missed everyone and asks if the fans missed him. Cena says it took him a week off to realize what really was going on in WWE. Cena says AJ has lost her mind but not her charm. Cena says he would like to take AJ on a date. Cena says Larry King is here tonight. Cena gets the fans riled up. Some fans start chanting for Punk. Cena talks about Hell In a Cell and says that match could be a moment people remember Punk for.

Vickie Guerrero

Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio. During his school time, he was an amateur wrestler. His brother Ryan Nemeth is also a professional wrestler.

Dec 27,  · After Breaking Up With Someone As Hot As Aj, You Have No Option BUT To Turn : Resolved.

Bayley Bayley tries to hug AJ after the bell again. AJ grabs her by the head and slams her to the mat. She hits Bayley with a pair of neck breakers. She sends Bayley into the corner and kicks her in the gut. AJ hits a snap mare and locks in Bayley’s head. Bayley battles to her feet and bounds off the ropes, but AJ hits her with an elbow. AJ takes Bayley to the corner and kicks her in the gut again. AJ charges, but Bayley moves. Bayley hugs AJ and rams her into the corner three times.

Bayley lands a body slam.

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They defeated Foreign Intelligence for the title on August 19, but were stripped of the championship for unknown reasons the same day. Moxley returned to the tag team division when he teamed up with his former trainer Cody Hawk. Moxley continued to work in the tag team division for the rest of through early

Jul 20,  · Re: AJ Radio Interview (really good) Yeah I’m not really sure, those pics look a year or two old too. In the interview, she made it seem like behind the scenes she’s dating .

The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. It’s due to the fact that she’s dressed head to toe in the clothing of her heated rival and the current Divas Champion AJ Lee.

From the pink and black knee high sneaker-boots with socks, the extremely tight-fitting jean booty shorts that cling to her thick and full ass, the pink wristbands, and the stretching to almost bursting Love Bites merchandise T-shirt that’s clinging to her large breasts. She has even dyed her hair to brunette, a departure from her usual two-toned look she’s known for.

Kaitlyn is smiling to herself as she continues to act like her former best friend turned nemesis, especially after her appearance earlier on in the night distracted Lee to cost her a match against Natalya. As she heads along, she comes to a stop when she notices a locker room door that’s marked with the logo of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, the man who is dating the often unglued to say the very least Lee.

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler passionately kiss under the mistletoe: Raw, Dec. 24, 2012